Engraved Accessible Restaurant Symbol Sign

SK Signs & Labels Ltd

£5.50  + VAT
SKU: EOS_000015

Engraved Accessible Restaurant Symbol Sign

Engraved Information Signs

Choice of sizes

Look great engraved on Silver / Black 1.5mm Acrylic Laminate, but other colours are available from the drop down menu.

There is also the option to have self adhesive tape or holes drilled on the sign from the drop down menu.

If you require a different size sign or different information engraved, please contact us and we will be able to assist you.

We have other engraved information signs to assist with DDA areas as well as DDA Safety signs and DDA Emergency escape safety signs available on the online shop, which may be of interest.

NB: We can also engrave information signs on Traffolyte, but would recommend Acrylic lmpact Laminate instead, as it does not shatter, can be laser engraved which is a far superior finish and UV properties are more stable than Traffolyte. We can also offer a far wider range of material colours, fonts and can even cut to shape using the acrylic impact laminate (also known as Rowmark / Gravoply /Trolase).

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