ALERT - Bought from Amazon or EBay ?

We have been receiving a growing number of phone calls from people who have bought goods off Amazon and Ebay, these are sales avenues that we have never used.

The name of the 'company' they have bought from is SK Signs and Print, we are SK Signs and Labels Limited and have been trading as a limited company for 34 years and are also fully approved members of the British Sign and Graphics Association.

Unfortunately as this other 'company' is not limited, we are having problems stopping them from using a name very close to our own.

All calls have been regarding goods that have not turned up, arrived damaged or of very poor quality.

We have had tracked down the person / 'company' that we believe is responsible and you can reach them on 07494 286926 or email - not very trustworthy contact sources to start with and we expect these will change once they start getting the complaints through.

It is highly unlikely that they will have the licences to produce the goods they are selling i.e. premier football clubs, Disney, DC Comics - this being the case, there won't be any quality checks in place.

If the price seems to good to be true, you need to question why ...

We hope this helps all those poor people who have placed their trust and money with this person /people and helps them to get their funds returned.

Failing this contact Amazon or Ebay as they won't want to have their reputation tarnished either.

SK Signs & Label Ltd

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