UV Printing

UV Printing Direct to Substrate

SK Signs latest in-house installment is our new UV Printer. This equipment allows us to print direct onto materials such as PVC, Foamex, Dibond, Acrylic, Glass and Wood panels up to 200mm high, width of 595mm and length of 1200mm.

Print direct on wood   Print direct to Corian with differnt effects   Direct print to Gold Acrylic  Direct textured print to CeramicTile
Prints on Wood      Corian                  Gold Acrylic                                 Ceramic Tile

As the print is laid down on to the panel it is UV cured which means it is protected from the elements.

We can also print textures with this printer, which means we can create realistic looking oil paintings, tactile tiles and even Braille.

 Textured Prints

Textured prints Printed Brick Texture Printed Tread Texture
Wood, Tread and Brick Textured prints direct to Dibond panel (aluminium composite).


Braille printed direct to panel
Printed direct to Dibond

Direct print to reverse of Acrylic Block

Reverse print on 20mm Acrylic block


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